I think I need this site to be something new, I’m not blogging, too full of tweets and wow campaign and art research. In many ways I was warning what would come if enough people did not wake up, well they didn’t and here we are, authoritarian crisis stage neoliberal shitstorm. Less writing about it and more action. So my site needs to reflect that and do things differently and tie up with the stuff I do around the place. Hmm, so pondering , the last writing I did was an off the cuff musing I put on the evil Facebook I don’t like this age of digital enclosure, but  enough people do. So think this should be more an intersection point, collating what I am up to and linking off to it. Now if HAL can put aside his homicidal urges for long enough maybe that there technology can help me do this. Improvise, adapt and overcome. I got through 2012, and now feel it is done and dusted, forward to 2013, if you’re reading this, you are the resistance.